Sexual Health Advocates (SHA) provide tools and information to assist students in making informed, responsible decisions about sex, sexual health, contraception, and relationships. Sexual Health Advocates must take Sexual Health Advocacy, 10-832-301, an academic and experiential course offered through Public Health. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Want to request a program for your residence hall, student organization or Greek-letter organization? Request a program in any of the following areas:

  • Exploring the Options: Contraception and Safer Sex
  • ABC’s of STIs: Sexually Transmitted Infections & Safer Sex
  • Relationships 101: Relationships, Communication & Sexuality
  • Beauty & the Booty: Body Image & Sexuality
  • The Party-Breaking It Down: Sexuality, Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Meet our current SHAs

Jodi Bischoff, SHA Coordinator
Public Heath, 2017
Favorite Song; How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle

“I did something similar in high school where I workshop-ed freshman year people. I love working with people and I am interested in sexual health.”

Stephanie Acevedo
Social Work, 2017
Favorite Movie:  Bridesmaids

“Education is a key to success.  It is an essential tool to making good discussions.”

Breanna Brock
Public Health, Sociology, and Africana Studies, 2017
Favorite Song: To Zion by Lauryn Hill

“My favorite programs are when I get to work with the Freshman because they are so enthusiastic.”

Yessenia Faican
Public Health, 2018
Favorite Movie:  Mulan

“I saw this as an opportunity to educate others on sexual health topics to help them make safer choices in their future.”

Megan Johnston
Women’s & Gender Studies, 2019
Favorite Song:  Love by Lana Del Rey

“I used to watch sexual health videos and was inspired to educate others.”

Alyssa Martinez
Public Health, 2017
Favorite Movie: Titanic

“I want to become a Health Educator with a concentration in Community Health Resources. My goal is to assist in any way I can when I go back home.”

Gloria Wowolo
Public Heath, 2018
Favorite Song:  Nirvana by Sam Smith

“I thought it was a good opportunity to combine my interests in sexual reproductive health and educating people around campus.”