The Nutrition Advocates are a group of undergraduate peer educators majoring in Nutritional Science who provide interactive programs and workshops to help educate, inform and promote better nutrition, health and wellness on campus and in the community.

The current workshops offered by the Nutrition Advocates include the following:

  • Eat Right, Get Fit
  • Cooking: The Basics

Looking to host one of the nutrition workshops for your residence hall, student club/organization or Greek-letter organization?

Applications to be a Nutrition Advocate are currently closed.

Meet our Current Nutrition Advocates


Emily Ho, Nutrition Advocate Coordinator
Nutritional Sciences, 2017
Favorite Song: Love Song by Sara Barellies

“Being an athlete in high school, my passion for good health has always been there. Being a Nutrition Advocate was a perfect job for me. My favorite workshops are when we work in the Freshman dorms.”


Brenda Borba
Dietetics, 2018
Favorite Song: Reunion by XX

“I was always interested in healthy eating. So being a nutrition advocate was the next step in educating others about healthy eating.”


Christina Chan
Dietetics, 2018
Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

“Growing up as an athlete in various sports, I’ve always had an interest in general health and wellness. My passion for nutrition grew in high school when I decided to switch to a vegetarian diet and then a vegan diet. I knew being a peer educator through Nutrition Advocates would allow me to share my knowledge with the Rutgers community, but also have fun while doing so!”


Megan Devlin
Nutritional Sciences, 2017
Favorite Song: Good to be Alive by Andy Grammar

“I knew becoming a peer educator I would be able to work on my public speaking skills. I also wanted to apply my nutrition skills to help those who do not have a similar background”


Cassandra DiGiovanni
Nutrition Sciences, 2018
Favorite Song: Middle by DJ Snake

“After my first semester at Rutgers, I discovered my passion for nutrition and I wanted to inspire other college students to achieve their fitness goals. Eating healthy and following an exercise routine in college is challenging, but is definitely possible with the right mindset. As a Nutrition Advocate, I aspire to motivate my peers to stay focused and never give up on their goals when obstacles occur. Our workshops teach students creative strategies to make this possible. 


Leaundra Lane
Nutritional Sciences, 2017
Favorite Movie: Mulan

“I actually signed up to be a Nutrition Advocate last minute but it worked out so well! I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. Going to the farmers market and interacting with both those inside the Rutgers community and also outside is so my favorite part about being a Peer Educator!”


Radwa Nassar
Nutritional Sciences, 2018
Favorite Song: Better Together by Jack Johnson

“Coming out of high school, not enough time to eat healthy since you are on the go, being in a rushed environment, it is important to help others and myself, to make healthier eating work. It is a mutual relationship.”



Jessica Rant
Nutritional Sciences, 2017
Favorite Movie: Interstellar

“I wanted to get more involved in my field so becoming a Nutrition Advocate was perfect. I wanted to speak to others who do not have a background in nutrition to show them how important it is to live a healthy life.”


Daphne Ribot
Nutritional Sciences, 2017
Favorite Band: The Killers

“I wanted to gain first hand experience in the Rutgers and New Brunswick community. Being a Nutritional Sciences major, becoming a Nutrition Advocate was a perfect call for me!”


Kayla Samson
Nutritional Sciences, 2018
Favorite Song:  Into to You by Arianna Grande

“I want to help people live happier and healthier lives through nutrition.”


Alexandra Senatore
Dietetics, 2018
Favorite Song: Valerie by Amy Winehouse

“I think it’s important to be a positive influence on campus and use my knowledge as a Nutritional Science student to bridge the gap between students and their health related goals.”


Mallory Singer
Food for Business, 2018
Favorite Song: Anything by Lana del Ray

“Educating students at Rutgers on how to be healthier and how to eat the right foods.”