Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Peer Educators provide information, training, and education to students to help them make informed, responsible decisions regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Alcohol & Other Drug Peer Educators must take Peer Education Advocacy, an academic course offered through Public Health. They must also participate in additional trainings.

Request an Alcohol & Drug Peer Educator Workshop for your residence hall, student organization or Greek-letter organization in any of the following areas:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Medication
  • Safer Partying

For a full description of all our workshops and to request a workshop, click HERE

Meet our current AOD Peer Educators

Breanna Brock, AOD Coordinator
Public Health, Sociology, and Africana Studies, 2017
Favorite Song: To Zion by Lauryn Hill

“I really thought addiction and health education was very interesting, especially because I was in Drug, Culture, and Society class. This led to me being an ADawG. My favorite programs are when I get to work with the Freshman because they are so enthusiastic.”

Sam Borbon
Public Health, 2018
Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

“I want to be a resource on campus.  I believe that education solves preventable problems.”

Brielle Brack
Psychology, 2017
Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

“I learned the harm reduction model in my classes so I wanted to utlize this model when teaching students how to be safe when partying.”

Camille Charles
Public Health & French Literature, 2017
Favorite Song: Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire

“I was a NIH Scholar, and I wanted to figure out what I could do at Rutgers.”

Jackie Kilelman
Public Health, 2018
Favorite Song: Basement Freestyle by Travis Scott

“I want to be a resource.  I want to make a difference.  I think that’s what an educator should be.”

Justin Lucero
Cell Biology and Neuroscience, 2017
Favorite Movie: Titanic

“Because I wanted to empower students to make responsible decisions and also be active bystanders in situations that require it.”

Maria Martinez
Public Health, 2017
Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers

“I chose to be a peer educator because I believe that is very important to be able to educate my peers on safe drinking and the effects of drugs. I also wanted to be part of the Rutgers community and becoming a peer educator seems like the best thing to do. I love to be able to advocate and help my fellow peers of the Rutgers community.”

Micaela Mizsak
Psychology, 2017
Favorite Song:  Paris by Chainsmokers

“I wanted to help out the campus community and educate my peers about alcohol & other drugs.”

Abisola Oyeniran
Biological Sciences, 2017
Favorite Song: Work by Rihanna

“My passion for being an ADawG was formed from my teacher discussing the program!”

Charity Smith
East Asian Studies, 2018
Favorite Show:  Avatar the Last Airbender

““I wanted to have a voice on campus and wanted to reach other people my age.”

Melissa Sporer
Psychology, 2017
Favorite Movie:  Elf

“I have always been interested in addiction-to be able to inform people of the risk of addiction.”